Welcome to JUMPSTART Mastery

Together We Energize Your Awareness & Measure Your Skills in Crisis De-escalation

About Us

Jumpstart Mastery is an organization dedicated to raising consciousness about the deep wells of capacity already within human beings, to improve self-control and peaceably respond to the presentation of Anger, Aggression, and Violence (AAV).  This applies particularly to public safety professionals, behavioral health agency personnel, and more so than ever, anyone delivering services to other human beings.  Events marked by AAV are up trending globally. 

Energize your awareness and measure your skill with Jumpstart Mastery.

Who We Are

Jumpstart Mastery was founded by Andy Prisco, a lifelong student of responding to AAV who maintains deep experience in avoiding the use-of-force in managing behavioral crisis incidents featuring AAV. Andy is the founder of one of the largest, legislatively funded, psychiatric emergency response team programs in the United States.  He co-developed the first (and only), crisis intervention/verbal de-escalation certification available from a professional mental health association. 

His training programs and consultation services have been leveraged by Federal, State, and Regional Law Enforcement Agencies, Care and Services systems, Corrections systems, Behavioral Health Agencies, Youth and Family service organizations, and since the COVID-19 pandemic, public sector businesses experiencing the uptrend in AAV at points of service delivery.

We Are Creating

Together, Jumpstart Mastery and YOU are building an online-community of people working in Public Safety, Behavioral Health, Co-Responder Systems, and private sector enterprises.  The Jumpstart Mastery ecosystem will feature an epistemic commons environment for posting and networking with everyone, as well as sub-groups for profession specific networking.  Content such as micro-trainings, webinars, Q&A live sessions, and online courses will be available based on a membership level structure, to enrich learning and awareness about self-regulation skills, verbal de-escalation skills, behavioral crisis incident management skills, and much more.  


Contact Andy Prisco directly to discuss organizational consulting & training packages: 

  • VerbalCraft (VC) Certification 

  • Advanced Crisis Intervention Training (ACIT) Certification 

  • Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) Certification 

Please email [email protected] or (253) 426-9826.